SCHEDULE A MEET YOUR MATCH SESSION to find your perfect foundation.

We have a wide variety of makeup shades to match virtually every skin tone, as well as foundation formulas for every skin type. 

Your session includes a full face foundation application with coordinating setting powder using products from our preferred brands below.

Michele Honoré is a Certified Makeup Artist in Georgia with over 15 years experience 

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FR Cream to Powder & Powder Chart.JPG
Flori Roberts Base Stroke Foundation Stick
Flori Roberts Foundation Before-After.jpg
Flori Roberts Cream to Powder Foundation.jpg

Base Strokes Foundation Stick (8 shades), Cream to Powder Foundation (14 shades). Luxury Oil Blotting Powder (9 shades)

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Morning Light Diffusing Foundation.jpg
Moisture Complex Liquid Foundation(4).jp
Perfection Pressed Powder Foundation(2).
Moisture Complex Liquid Foundation.jpg
Loose Mineral Foundation.jpg

Moisture Complex Liquid Foundation (8 shades), Morning Light Diffusing Foundation (4 shades), Perfection Pressed Powder Foundation (4 shades), 

Flawless Mineral Loose Foundation (3 shades), Cream to Powder Foundation (2 shades)

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TB Liquid Foundation.JPG
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TB Liquid Foundation Shades.JPG

Element Powder Foundation (9 shades), Element Liquid Foundation (8 shades)