Schedule a Four Seasons Color Analysis to determine your season. Learn your best colors and test run color products to create a personalized look for everyday or special occasions.

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During this in-person session, you will see how the fabric drapes reveal your Color Season.

Plus - you'll leave with your Seasonal Swatch Fan, which includes all the best colors for your season and is the perfect tool when shopping for clothing, makeup, etc. 

Winter Swatch Fan
Spring Swatch Fan
Summer Swatch Fan
Autumn Swatch Fan

Click the Swatch Fans above to learn more and see the colors recommended for each season

Great for MEN too!

From suits, to ties, to shoes - men need to know their best colors to make a best and lasting impression.  

Image for Men

When we look at a person we see color in the first three seconds, then we notice the style. When you don’t wear the right color, it can make you look tired, stressed and even heavier than you really are.

2017 Pantone Color of the Year